Beautiful Creations and Gifts From Friends Near and Far.......

Hello Dear Friends,

During This Holy Day               
Season I have aquired
some lovely items.
Some I have purchased from
some of you and
some are gifts of friendship.

This lovely Angel figurine was given to me from my friend Mary Pernula.
This lovely Angel I bought from Dorthe in Denmark. She also made this beautiful tag and tinsel star for me. Thank you Dorthe!!

This lovely embroidered Angel and Manger ornament was made by my friend Hero one of my Georgia blogging buddies. Isn't it gorgeous?

This sweet little "Pink Posie Pouch" was made by Diane Knott.
I purchased this from Diane and she also included one if her lovely tags
 and a set of smaller tags as well!!Thank you so much Diane!!
This sweet tag was made by is so pretty!!
May All of you enjoy a wonderful New Year with Peace, Love, Health and Happiness!!


  1. Dear Susan,
    I`m so happy you likes my dolls, thankyou for showing her .
    The pouch from dear Diane is beautifull,and so are the gifts from your friends-very lovely.
    Dear friend I wish you, a happy new year`s eve-and a healphy and happy year 2011.
    Hugs and kiss,Dorthe

  2. My dear sweet friend Susan.........I am glad you like the X-MAS Angel. You are a angel so it had your name on it when I saw it. Have a wonderful NEW YEAR, and nice visit with your new Granddaughter. Love Mary

  3. Susan - youhave some lovely treasures pictured here - how very lucky that you are! The doll that Dorthe made is absolutely beautiful - she creates from her heart and soul and her dolls reflect her love for her art. You made a wonderful choice in making this ourchase from her and I know that you will treasure it forever. I have one also that she made and I love it so~~

    The posie pouch, the manager ornament and the beautiful tags - you are surely blessed to have such wonderful friends to create for you!


  4. Susan, Thank you for buying the pouch! It found a good home. :-) Also...thank you for sharing the photos.
    Hugs and happy new year! Diane

  5. Great gifts... Wonderful memories... Stopping by to wish you a peaceful and blessed New Years.

  6. You have some lovely holiday themed items. I clicked on them to view more closely. The angel figurine is nice, I'm glad you included the second photo close up, I couldn't tell from the first photo what he had in his hands, now I see it is two birds. In the first photo my eye was caught by what was behind the angel, the colorful pointed items, what are they? I am guessing some kind of sparkle glue tubes? Pretty. All your tags are wonderful but I also very much like the embroidered ornament your friend Hero made for you. Nice collection!

    I hope you and yours are all well and ready for the new year.

  7. Susan I love your angel... I have that same image in a scrapbooking download....hope you had a great christmas ... hugs wendy


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