An Angel From Denmark ....

Hello Dear Friends!!

Hope your Friday is going well
for You!!

I want to share with you today a
Sweet little Angel that I bought
recently for my Granddaughter
that will be born the begining
of December.

I bought this sweet Angel
from a lovely lady and blogging
friend from Denmark. Many of
you know Dorthe and love her
already but for those who have
not met her please go visit Dorthe
Her sweet spirit comes out in her
wonderful artistic creations.

I bought this Angel heart for my
dear granddaugher whom I can't
wait to see and hold in another
couple of months.

Dorthe also added a couple of gifts.
Dorthe created a beautiful Tag,
the colors are so pretty...You
may have to enlarge the picture
to see the details in it.
Second is the lovely Driftwood
piece that Dorthe wound some
hand stamped fabric strips around.

Thank you Dorthe for your
kindness and generous spirit
that you show to everyone.

Friendships are Treasures to
Warm our Souls

I wish all of You a Happy
Fall Weekend!!

Love to All,




  1. Love the gift you bought your Granddaughter, my prayers are with you, my husbands daughter is due Dec. 2nd, and she is having a girl as well.............Congradulations to us both. Miss you. HUGS MARY

  2. Oh Susan she is so pretty! Congrats on your new little grand daughter on the way~
    Stop by and see if there is anything that strikes your eye...
    Hope you are doing well through this fall allergy season.


  3. Susan, oh, you're so lucky to have some of Dorthe's pretty little gifts tucked into your purchase! She's such a sweet and thoughtful lady, isn't she! Like you!
    Hugs, Diane

  4. Dear Susan,
    I`m so happy you likes my little angel, and I hope she will send my good wishes and blessings ,on to your granddaughter, when she arrives here on earth.
    Thankyou for your so dear words, sweetie, I feels blessed, having become friend with you, here ,-even we live soo far apart ---I think it is amazing, and I thank you for being out there, for me, and hope you know I`m here for you Susan.
    Loving hugs,

  5. You get the coolest things! Wonderful items here. Neat idea to wrap the driftwood stick with the muslin strips.

    I blogged about our ATC trade today, you'll see. Thanks again.

  6. First of all congratulations on the baby girl that is coming...You must be thrilled. I dont think anything is more exciting than a new baby!
    I love the angel and the tag.....she really makes beautiful pieces..I will have to go pay her a visit.....
    I was telling everyone at work today about my basket and I had to pull out my phone and show them pictures....I still am in love with everything Susan! Happy Fall....

  7. I am so happy to tell you that you are my winner in my giveaway celebrating 150 followers. We drew your name today, cause I received the 150th follower today. Congratulations my sweet friend Susan.

  8. Dear Susan, I will get that out to you really soon. I already have your address.

  9. Dear Susan, an angel to watch over the little girl every day is a great gift, Dorthe is such a wonderful and dear friend I talk with her on the phone every day.
    Hugs Anni

  10. Your little angel is beautiful - and so is the lady who made it! Dorthe is a dear friend of my heart as well - I love her so! We also have a little guardian angel made by sweet Dorthe to watch over our little Kerri Beth.

    Hopw wonderful that you are expecting a little grand baby - a precious girl! We will all be waiting for pictures!



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