Wouldn't it be nice to take a Trip?? So Lets Go!!!!

 Hello All,

I have no energy amd I'm feeling blahhhh...
and thinking that it would be
great to just take a break and
take a Cruise to the
Virgin Islands or catch a flight
to see Paris. Go for a spa retreat,

Well reality check is that it
ain't gonna happen...any time
soon that is...but, I can
always dream....

So Dear Friends lets take a
trip and tell me your
dreams and where in the
world You have Always
wanted to go and Why....Would
you go alone or with someone?
Let your Imaginations run

Bon Voyage.....




  1. Girl friend I have been trying for two days to open your blog site and finally I have it...It would open to your giveaway winner blog and would not let me view your latest post. Weird right!
    Anyway sorry your feeling like me today. I have been thinking of that little place on the beach near Savannah that you were telling me about. I would have to take Christi and then invite you to join us. hahaha
    Right now I am in a Coffee shop enjoying free internet but have to get home and see if my brother is going to fix a lock on the pink house this evening for us because Gretchen moves in thursday.
    One of my dream vacation has always been Italy and I can just see the place where I think I would want to stay. Boy can I dream
    Feel better

  2. Susan dear friend - I am off to Bermuda in 2 weeks - a wonderful and beautiful place that we have come to love so much. My favorite place to visit - my dream place - Venice - such a romantic place to be - and of course - I would take my sweet Gardener!


  3. It would be Scotland for me...I have been blessed to have lived in a few other countries and to have traveled some but not to Scotland where my fathers family originated. I want to go see "our" castle :))
    Hope you get rid of the blahs soon.


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