A Lovely ATC and Tiny Book made by Jan

Hi All!

I wanted to share an
ATC that I received
from my friend Jan.
I love this cute garden
Jan also has been making
tiny books and this cute
little book was made out
of magazine papers that
were folded and each page
has a cute little pocket.
Jan added a lovely white
feather on the outside and
a beautiful picture of a Snowy
Owl. It came complete with
little bookmarks attached
to string with beads!
If you scroll down to
my post called Evening
Flight, that is the ATC
I sent to Jan!
Hope you day is going well!!

Love and Blessings,



  1. Sweet of you to post this. I find it rather remarkable how similar our ATC's were to each other. I love mine and am glad you like yours and the little book too. The book was made with pages from a Heron Dance catalog.

  2. Oh that's cute! I love the saying. It made me giggle!


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