Part two of my ATC Swap

Hi Blog Buddies,

I wanted to share with all of you the other side of my Artist Trading Card from my friend Laura.
On the other side of the Sister's card that I showed you in my earlier post, is this adorable picture of a little girl with the sweet bow and button..isn't she cutest thing!!!
The top card  is a picture of a painting that Laura did of her Sister at an American Indian Pow Wow in North Dakota where Laura lives. Please go visit Laura's Blog site, you will love her fantastic works of Art there...and you will probably see in a couple of days my ATC I sent to Laura...believe me it is not all that great...but it was fun making it none the less!! This was my first try at making an ATC and I throughly enjoyed the experience. If you have never tried making an ATC, please try it out....and I'm sure you will be hooked! The next ATC swap will be in August and the theme will be Orange!!!

Lots of Love and BiG of Hugs to ALL of YOU!!



  1. Susan that is beautiful, thank you for letting us see it. Hugs Wendy

  2. Hey Susan
    Just had to come by today to see what you were up too. I love these TWO pictures you posted.
    How does anyone come up with all these ideas and then be able to do such creative work on top of it. Amazing.
    I know you will enjoy your pieces.
    Hope your staying cool. I will have to get out this afternoon for pool therapy but thank goodness for nothing else except maybe stopping to load up on liguids since I will be doing the liquid diet Thurs for the test Friday.
    Don't forget you are having one too. lol

  3. What a delightful card! When I first heard about ATC's I wondered how anyone could make those itty bitty things. Then I made one and another and another....they are so much fun and addictive to make. Glad you are enjoying making and receiving. Have fun!

  4. It is fun to do these ACT cards. The native women is not my sister but our sister. Thank you for your card Hope to get you again Laura Q

  5. Susan, this is wonderful!
    Have a lovely summer's eve ~
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  6. Hello my dear friend Susan, We are on the same wave length. I have been thinking about you a lot. I just mailed you a note today. I have been busy at home in the yard and working on the shop in the weekend.................just love it.......I love the art projects you have been putting out. Look for my note to arrive at your home soon. Have a nice evening buddy, XO MARY

  7. Just catching up, been away on holiday! Lucky you to win that challaenge, good story.

    Love your flower painting a few posts ago - I always try to photograph my pieces well enough for a good record but also so I can make a range of printed cards from them - do I? No; maybe having seen your lovely one, I will!


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