Making Great Friends in Blogland!!

My Dear friend Mary sent me a letter and hang tag the other day and I wanted to share it with you.
Mary and I met when we were picked as Swap Buddies for "A Swap For All Seasons" in June.
We have remained good friends since the swap. I never knew what happiness blogging could bring
into my life. I also want to thank my followers for taking the time to visit me and comment on the things that I make or pictures that I put up. I will be having a "Giveaway" soon,  I have been blogging for a year now...WOW, I did not realize till the other day that a whole year has gone by already since I started blogging!! I have loved every minute if it!!

I love EACH of YOU and THANK YOU to All!!



  1. Hello my dear friend Susan. Thanks for sharing the post card and hang tag with all the wonderful bloggers out there. Wow so a 1 year give a way will be comming! I look forward to getting in line for it. Have a fabulous day, smiles, and lots of hugs!!! MARY

  2. Hi Susan!
    Oh you are so right about this bloggie thing!
    What wonderful friends I have made since blogging. Also how much fun we had at our Southern Belle lunch!!
    Thanks so much Susan for your help on the pink sugar and creamer.
    I actually have received a couple of orders from my Etsy grateful and excited!


  3. I am very happy to have met you and certainly enjoyed our swaps! Looks like you are receiving some great things from other bloggers too, it is a wonderful aspect of this blog world. here's to another year of blogging!!

  4. I love that hang tag so sweet. One year blogging that's great! I have been blogging 3 months and I love every minute of it. Looking forward to our August ATC Swap!


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