Beautiful Azaleas in Savannah GA. and some thoughts about the upcoming weekend!

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Hello my Dear Friends!!

My prayer is that All of you will have a Wonderful Weekend filled with Love, Peace and Great company. Some of you will be attending weddings, or a special dinner or puttering in your Garden, others will be shopping for that special summer dress or that cute pair of sandals you have been thinking about All week!!
Others will be looking for the perfect vintage piece of lace....others will be relaxing and just going with the flow whatever that turns out to be. Wherever this weekend takes you have fun and smile!!

With Love and Peace to All,



  1. Susan, I hope this finds you well and enjoying life! I am still busy with weddings, we leave Saturday for Barbados. I can't wait until Sunday so that we can enjoy the marriage of Chase and Jackie.
    Love to you,

  2. The wedding of my stepson was beautiful, no rain, matter of fact it was the hottest day yet here. I will do a post soon..........I need to rest weddings take a lot out of a person. Hope all is well and you are enjoying your new week............Hugs XO MARY


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