My First Giveaway Win!!!

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I am thrilled to share with you dear friends the wonderful Giveaway I won from Rhonda at
Rhonda makes the most gorgeous fabric books and I was blessed to have been one of two winners. There are pages with little sewn in pockets for lace and needles and pins etc. Rhonda also included some precious little tags in some of the pockets, as well as the little bundles of lace.

Please go visit Rhonda, she has wonderful things that she also sells on Etsy.

Thank you Rhonda so much!!

Love is in the simple act of kindness,



  1. Oh you lucky winner, this things from Rhonda are surely so wonderfull,-congratulations,dear.
    xo Dorthe

  2. Oh you lucky duck!!!! I am happy for you my swap partner.......I am new to this blogging thing and loving it every day.............have a GREAT day.....XO MARY

  3. OMG!!!! Way to go my friend. What a neat thing to have, I just love this blogging, have a nice day. XO MARY

  4. Way to go girlfriend. I am so happy for you.
    You certainly are a sweetie pie and deserve to win.
    I have been thinking of you most of the day and of course enjoying your beautiful flowers.
    Cannot thank you enough
    Oh speaking of thank you please send me your address

  5. Congrats - how great that you won! The little book is lovely and the treasures tucked inside are just wonderful! Guess you are one lucky girl!


  6. Hi there Susan, I am so blessed to have your really nice comments on my posts. I took the which Jane Austen heroine are you? I turned out to be Elinor Dashwood also. I knew we really were kindred spirits. I would love to make you a Decoration for Summer. I will be doing one for my easel for 4th of July, so I will just make two, and send one to you!

  7. Lucky you! What a great gift to receive.

  8. Hello my blog swap buddy, had a good day today thinking about the swap give away, hope you are doing well and were able to get out and get some sunshine......XO MARY

  9. Thank you so much for gave me an opportunity to find your blog... :-)

    Love this win....I think I've lost my MoJo.... I'm not doiong too well in that department lately. Darn it.

    Have a wonderful day..

    Warm blessings,

  10. What a beautiful RAK !!
    Lucky you. Love the lace.


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