In love with this!!!

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There is so much work involved in this creation by Yvette...You have to hold it and turn it over and just marvel at all the lovely sides and top and bottom...and back of this. Well pretty darn amazing I have to say!!

Yvette...Thank you!!

Spring Smiles....Summer Wishes,



  1. What a great bunch of gifts! so this gathering, you get together with these ladies and everyone gives each other presents? Sounds pretty fabulous to me! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Yvette's artwork is gorgeous Susan!!!! I wish I would have taken the time to see it better!!! I think I was completely overwhelmed :)....I should have taken photos of EVERYONE'S gorgeous gifts!! I loved your apron too Susan!!! hugs and love, Dawn

  3. Dang - you ladies just had so much fun - and I did not get to come! OK - maybe I am a little jealous! Maybe next time? You have some wonderful, wonderful gifts!

  4. Hi Susan, Enjoy your art piece from Yvette! It is so special with all the deails! I love it too! I posted about some of our name tags at our beautiful retreat, but am saving yours and the shots I got of your apron for another post - a special one!


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