Hello Dear Friends....

So I'm here again!...I may just start blogging once more!!

I wanted to share with you a simple little
collage I made this week.

I used a vintage book cover as my base. I love the dark green base for the collage. The little girl is from Paper Whimsy. Since I wanted to make something to herald in springtime...I decided to use some vintage ephemera that I have collected over the years. I used a vintage book page from some nature pages my friend Tina had sent to me from Denmark. The feather I have the little girl holding is from a friend in British Columbia, from one of her birds, who donates his feathers!! LOL......I also used a wee little nest I was gifted in a swap a couple of years ago. The little metal hanger I though was a cute
way to hang the collage...On the little label it says "Magical"!
Springtime to me is a magical time of year, as nature once again brings forth
beautiful flowers, and lush landscapes so pleasing to our soul.
A rebirth of all that is lovely. 

I hope All of you are doing well and would love to hear from you
my dear friends once again....

God Bless you all with Love and Happiness....

Susan :)


  1. Your collage is lovely. Good to see you blogging. Happy New Year and Creative Blessings...

  2. Beautiful dahlin.............you still have it in you and wow your art is just growing and growing more incredible each time I see a new creation. I am beyond happy you've come back. I have missed the creativeness facebook doesn't afford you and also all the wonderful friends from blogging who never left:_ love you sister.

  3. what a creative upcycling piece of art you've made, nice to meet a fellow Georgia blogger. I just moved to the mountains.

    1. Hi Linda,...Thank you for the compliment on my little collage! I love making things...I will go visit your blog now! Enjoy a great day!! xo


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